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«II n’y a rien de plus faux ni de plus vrai que le théâtre»

                                                                                                                       Louis Jouvet ​

Jacqueline FRANJOU / President            Michel BOUJENAH /  Artistic Director

The Festival is a song, a story of love and friendship between the public,

the performers in Ramatuelle, Jean-Claude Brialy, Michel Boujenah and myself.


Thirty-six years ago, Jean-Claude and I were two theatre-lovers with an idea. Michel Boujenah helped bring that idea home with the force of a thunderbolt.

Thirty-seven years since Philipe said “oui”, since our theatre sprang to life in the shadow of a lovers’ fig tree.


Every summer, thanks to you, dear public and supporting members, a miracle happens.


Let us gather together and dream together for these few days !

Let everyone recognise the Ramatuelle Festival as a place of freedom, of magic, and of joy.


May the Ramatuelle Festival endure and thrive…forever !



Calogero en concert
Un visiteur inattendu
L'École des femmes

©crédit vidéo - Agence 136

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